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Fight in Library

No, I didn’t really have a fight in the library today – but it wasn’t pleasant. Had been to King Soopers with my girls and Number 2, then stopped at the library to dash in and grab some DVds and my hold items. Could hardly get to the Dvds because some insane old bat was blithering on about how the world was going to end in 2012, this subject naturally moved on to the President and how he was moving us all toward a horrible new world order, so it pretty much went without saying that the world might indeed be coming to an end. Old bat went on to praise Glenn Beck, I gritted teeth. Old bat said that people who didn’t agree with her views should leave the US, i gritted my teeth. But then she got onto the horrific idea of universal health care.

I am afraid I am not always successful at keeping my mouth shut and when the old bat started on about England, where the unsuspecting citizens “know no better” and “everything is socialized” I did speak up. I wasn’t insulting or anything a) because she was old and b) because she was stupid. I went to the check out and remarked to Miss W that I needed to get out of the building  as I couldn’t take anymore of the talk I’d been hearing. My voice wasn’t loud, but the old man ahead of me in line turned around and angrily informed me that the old bat blithering on near the DVDs was his wife! 

Sometimes that “they should leave the country if they don’t like it” comment makes me want to scream FINE!!  Just give me four air tickets. I am sick of ignorance and sheer hypocrisy, racism and greed, this war. Yes, I know that England has its share of morons too, but at least I could  get a decent cup of tea there. Not heated up water with a f*&^%+& tea bag thrown in.

My language was even worse than Miss W’s as we drove home. . Calmed down and Lara made some bread and Number 2 will be home in the morning. I’ve applied for a job I could do from home and will watch a movie tonight and just chill.

making bread

Snow arrived again yesterday on Boxing Day and the day was devoted to some tidying up, listening to Christmas carols and waiting for Lara and Robert to arrive. Number 2 has really calmed down behaviour-wise, so it was a good day. Miss W and I enjoyed watching Planet Earth, we ate leftovers for lunch, and then after Number 2 was tucked into bed Lara and Robert arrived.

It was just so great to see them. We sat around drinking schnapps and talking until quite late, and I know having Lara here is going to ease my transition into unemployment, in fact I have decided to try not to worry about being jobless until February 5th, I’m going to simply spend my time selling what stories I can, shopping and being with Lara because she’ll be off to Oregon soon enough.

It’s funny how the mood of a house changes when you have company. Lara and Robert are still in bed right now but their boxes and luggage are sitting around, as are the plants Lara gave me (safely tucked out Number s’s way). There’s a bright new throw on the couch and Lara also gave me a coffee table she’d hand-painted – it’s beautiful!) Two Jamie Oliver cook books are on the coffee table after we all talked about cooking for a bit last night. The radio seems to have stopped playing carols now, but in a short while  we’re going to have a big Christmas-morning type breakfast and exchange our gifts. 

Number 2's new toy

Christmas Day!

I hope everyone can find their way here, as Miss W explained we have had some technical difficulties with our blog. But what a great Christmas it has been. It is rare for me to ever stay in bed until 7, especially at Christmas, but that was Number 2’s gift to me this morning, and I really appreciated it!

We spent about half the day opening gifts, breaking to prepapre and put the turkey in the oven. I watched TV for a little while – the Catherine Tate Show and the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special, talked to Mum and Aunty Joan. We all received way too many gifts to try and list here. I feel so very lucky today and it has been a very calm, but fun day.

Miss W loved her wolf T-shirts
New toys for Number 2's room

It’s always hard to please Number 2 but he really seemed to like the things I found him – playmats for his room, a cars play tent, the other Mrs W got him Sponge Bob cushion and quilt. He also loved a big green frog and selection of stuffed toys, and his favourite was a hand held, spin-around, light-up thing – am not sure what to call it but Number 2 found this fascinating.

Mignon got me this beautiful green Heron glass.

Now the day is almost over, and we’re winding down. I spoke to Number 1 in Iowa today where he seems to be having a good time – snow is coming down heavily there, so I hope he can get home as planned. Miss W and I are going to spend the evening nibbling and watching Little Women .

Christmas 2009

Christmas Presents :3

Miss W Speaking! =D

I got some awesome Christmas gifts today! 😀 😀 😀


2. 2 CDs with my art and my picture on them! 🙂

3. A variety gift pack! 🙂

4. A whooolllle lotta clothes!

Thanks so much to all you people who sent them!! 😀

I’m having a wonderful Christmas. Thank you all. :3


We had tech problems with the old blog. This is the new blog. 😦 I don’t like starting over. Miss W speakin’. D: I just HATE how it wouldn’t accept the password. 😦 😦 😦

And remember to NEVER buy Mars candy until the stop the… *gulp* animal testing…

DON’T BUY IAMS FOOD EITHER! They test poor dogs too! 😦 I saw PETA’s video…it was AWFUL! They hack out a muscle in their thigh and pile them on the floor…they trap them in cages and let them go insane…they overfeed them Iams food… In the video, there was an undercover PETA member who went, with a camera, into this Iams laboratory and one guy who worked there told her to hit their chests if they stop breathing. 😦 Iams is evil. No buy. Buy things like Alpo and stuff. NOT IAMS!

I saw a video on YouTube that said Iams knowingly killed someone’s cat by distributing poisoned food that caused kidney failure!! I’m not not sure if that’s true…but don’t you dare trust Iams… *growls and kills an Iams scientist guy*

Anyway, sorry about the blog 😦