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You’ve probably noticed a typo in the title. It is there for a reason.

First, some updates:

Starting next week, COTW will also be on my Facebook. For those of you who know me, you should know who I am. There will be a photo album titled none other than CAR OF THE WEEK.

The 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 came out in sort of a flat dark-gold color. I have this car, pictures will be posted momentarily.

During my hiatus, I obtained yet another estate-sale find for a great price. Over 100 cars=$30. Some were still in the package and some were loose, but regardless, it was a great boost.

Last note: I AM CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR THE HYPERLINER BUS. It is a bulky, futuristic van with 4 seats and the rest of the space is taken up by a massive engine. I know this because it has a removable body. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR THE BLING VERSION OF THIS CAR(Bling=big chrome wheels). If you have this van, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS AND AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTION! I REALLY NEED THIS VAN!

And now, for your feature presentation…

This cat, of undeterminable origin, was found rusting away in a garage. Luckily, it was purchased, and was restored to working condition. The amount of original miles are unknown. It is known simply as Cloudy for its paint job.
Cloudy fueling up at our local gas station.
Cloudy parked at the curb.
Front view. Here, you can get a better look at the dual hood scoops, located just above the headlamps, and the headlamps are located just above the grille.


On the prowl(literally!).


Cloudy, in the off position, is shown here, parked next to our family car.


While Cloudy, being a late-model cat, is mostly incapable of showing emotion, even it seems saddened by the fact that our view was destroyed because of some stupid water project. I HATE YOU, (hometown) WATER PROJECT!!! OUR WATER'S FINE, DAMN IT! IS IT YOUR GOAL TO DESTROY EVERY LAST PIECE OF NATURE ON THE PLANET??? Oh yeah, and Cloudy is parked in this photo. Just so you know...



It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to

Well, it has been quite an eventful week and a bit stressful, but most of it is a blur now. I do know it was my birthday yesterday, and I received some very special gifts, including a copy of To Kill A Mockingbird. At work my coworkers gave me a pot of beautiful white chrysanthemums and there was food, and we lingered around chatting because it was so quiet in the library, being a holiday weekend. I couldn’t really shake off my stress as I had to drive into Denver. Boy 1 is home for the weekend and will be home to stay very shortly because our insurance won’t cover a stay at the T. Center. And while I was very excited about having him home I was absolutely dreading the thought of heading into Denver as I had never done that before and frankly just being a passenger in the middle of Denver can be slightly scary.

I thought I was so smart going the Colfax route and I guess it was still preferable to using I 25, but what I had completely forgotten is that quiet Colfax becomes commercial/seedy Colfax which then becomes bustling, terrifying, people and traffic and tall buildings everywhere Denver and that is when I took a wrong turn. I was beeped at and my heart was pounding in terror, thank goodness for the calm and intrepid Miss W who simply plugged in the GPS and gave me directions. Was almost in tears (and feeling very sorry for myself for going through this hell on my birthday of all days) at the thought of getting home again, but Nancy decided, after months of refusing to give me non-highway directions, to give me a break (she must have known it was my birthday) and directed me safely back onto Colfax. After I had got past all the large buildings and traffic, I stopped blubbing and was able to function normally.

Arrived home with Boy 1 at 4.15 and realized I had only eaten some popcorn and a slice of banana bread all dayand I was weak with hunger as I made mini tacos and mushroom burgers. There was yet another shock in store for me – my brother had actually remembered my birthday, and there was an opera version of Happy Birthday on my machine – thankyou John!

hand made card from Aunty Joan
inside card

It did feel so good to have Boy 1 home, a great birthday present really and we all watched King Kong before going to bed.  Boy 1’s behavior has been great today, he came to King Soopers with me, put his coins in the Coin Star and bought himself a Hot Wheels car. I made his favorite meal, sloppy Joe squares, and we have just been lazing around, talking and enjoying each others company. I did plan on cutting Boy 2’s hair today but got distracted sorting out summer clothes. Me and Miss W have now finished listening to Clan of the Cave Bear and are on hold for Valley of the Horses – I also finished No Angel by Penny Vincenzi and am about to start The God of Small Things. Weather is lovely, but I wish my lawn mower would magically start working again.   

Splice- Miss W

You know that movie that comes out on June 4 about genetic engineering? I want to see it SO BAD! But it’s just my luck it’s rated R. 😦

I made some splice creatures on the website though! 😀

The REAL thing 1.
..And here, the real Thing 2.

I Spliced myself too!

Aren't I pretty?

Boy 1

I realize from my stats that this blog isn’t read by hordes of avid, nosy strangers, just a small group of lovely people (who probably already know this) so I am going to go ahead and post some difficult news. Last week Boy 1 left the house and is now staying at a center in Denver where he will receive the therapy and care he needs so badly. This comes after years of struggle, a diagnosis of depressive disorder, suggestions that he may have bipolar, and nothing at all really working in a positive way – not love, therapy, encouragement. He was angry and destructive,  self-harming and often spoke of suicide.

I know this is all for the best and that I have made the right desicion but it is still difficult, and I do miss him. He assures me that he is going to make every effort to feel better, to engage in therapy so that he can come home and begin high school and really shine.

When I got up this morning and put the kettle on (Miss W and Boy 2 were still asleep) I could hear a bird and just outside the house was a finch singing its heart out, so I listened while I drank tea and now have found that, unexpectedly, I have a drive-free morning. Miss W has a scratchy throat and low energy so is staying home. I do have to venture out this afternoon, though, and I just hope the wind won’t kick up again. It was truly awful yesterday. Boy 2’s behavioural therapist arrived and reported that there was a tree down on Quebec and for most of the day the wind was absolutely howling and rattling the house ina  really alarming way. When it finally died down, me and Boy 2 went outside and slates had flown off the roof, so some more tidying up is in order today – yard is an a disgrace at the moment because the lawn mower must need a new battery. The grass is now knee high, with strips shaved off here and there, because charging up the lawnmower for several hours means it will work for roughly 30 seconds! I am very frustrated and feel a deep loathing for this lawnmower now. 

OK, must now check on Miss W and alert everyone who needs to know that she is sick. Thankyou everyone who has helped me through this week – Mignon, Mum, John, Martyn, Laurie, the other Mrs W, and most of all my dearest friend in the world, Mr B. I hope that life isn’t storing up anything else for us all this summer (unless it’s something nice, that is.)

Miss W’s Devilishly Delicious Chocolate Fondue

Howdy, folks! Miss W here with some cool news!

Guess what? I made an awesome chocolate fondue. It was really easy to make and mind-poppingly scrumptous!

You just put 1/2 cup of semisweet chocolate chips in a bowl, add 2 tablespoons of butter, put it in the microwave for 1 minute, and stir it up until you have a thick ooze of chocolate. Then get edible awesome stuff (Fresh fruit, marshmallows, cookies, etc) and use a fork, toothpick, or skewer to dip it in the chocolate. Then take the liquid-chocolate-covered edible thing…And EAT IT!! 😀

It. Was. Delicious.

Me holding some butter.
Still holding butter
It was not bitter butter. It was better butter.

On a side note, I’m embarrassed for having these hideous pimples.

Stage 1 of the fondue's delicate development.
Cutting butter is fun
After taking it out of the microwave.
After mixing the microwaved product, the fondue is finished. Dip in!
A chocolate covered strawberry. These were so good!

Chocolate coated banana! MMMM!
Sorry you have to see my face. Unless you're a cannibal, you're probably not hungry anymore.

…But I do have awesome, pointy canine teeth! I’m SUCH a werewolf. 😀

On topic: IT WAS AWESOME. We still have some chocolate left, so we’re saving it.

Still only Thursday

I’m having trouble adding a picture tonight. Am probably just tired . . . I have been driving so much this week, and I think I need a rest. This morning on my way to work a coyote hurried in front of the car, I slowed right down to watch him as he disappeared into a field. Then, after work I drove into Bennett after realizing there was no pizza in the freezer. I bought the children’s favourite, a Freschetta Canadian bacon and pineapple, only to finally realize that it wasn’t Friday after all. Incredibly, it is still only Thursday.

A Star is Born

Weather very dreary today but the snow could have been lots worse: it didn’t even stick to the road which was a relief to me as I had to get Miss W across town then take Boy 2 to the doctor’s, then whip off to Englewood to SMA for Miss W’s performance.  Doctor H has recommended that I increase Boy 2’s meds very slowly – perhaps a 1/4 extra pill each night. I am going to be very cautious, as this Tenex makes him so sleepy and if he has too much he is cranky as well.

Miss W quite tense and cranky this morning thinking of her midday performance. She had some quite large parts and 3 costume changes. I arrived at SMA at 11.30, Mr W was already there he ahd helped Miss W with her costume during the rehearsal. There really weren’t many parents there – no chairs out, everyone just perched on the stairs (my back was killing me) and the performance took place in the commons area of the middle school. Miss W was one of the first actors to speak, striding on very confidently, and she was brilliant!!!!AS you can see, when I try to zoom in with my camera everything just goes blurry, but that is Miss W seated in the second picture. She enjoys Shakespeare and spoke her lines very clearly.She is a natural, really. She had to do more than just speak her lines – she also had to roar like a lion at one point, appear angry, exasperated and rush on and off stage.  Her performance was a triumph and I was glowing with pride as I went to congratulate her and help hang up costumes, she was very happy and said she was relieved it was all over. Then I drove home and had a big cup of coffee, because I can hardly keep my eyes open today and I STILL have to drive across town today and make supper!

More Snow on the Way . . .

I wish snow wasn’t in the forecast, because I have to get Boy 2 to the doctor’s tomorrow, then dash off to St Mary’s and it’s quite a long drive. Oh, well, I’m sure it won’t be more than a few inches. Weather today is bleak and windy and grey and I am looking forward to us all being home tonight.

I have achieved quite a lot today. I went to the bank and then (gasp) actually stopped at a different grocery store. It is practically unheard of me to turn off somewhere I’m not accustomed to turning off and go anywhere different, as those of you who know my wimpy ways will know. But I wanted to get home and save a hike up to King Soopers, especially as I didn’t need much. It seems much more upmarket in Safeways, much fancier ambience not to mention fancier prices (as my mum would say) but I found everything I needed, then got home and finished packing for Miss W’s upcoming trip. It’s not until next week, so hopefully the weather will have warmed up again by then. The dogs have been keeping me company, but there’s no sign of Cloudy today.

I also today subbed a Halloween story, fingers crossed everyone! I’ve sent it to True Story, who I haven’t subbed to in a while. I also have been sitting at the computer writing (rather than scribbling away in my notebook) and I’ve managed over 1000 words. It actually does look  more like October than May outside, so it wasn’t too hard to get in the mood for Halloween writing.

Barbecued chicken drumsticks and baked potatoes for supper tonight . . .

Buzz Cut

My week seemed to fall into the usual chaos, it is one thing after another. I did get paid for a story, and everything is quiet tonight so instead of curling up with my Penny Vincenzi novel I am going to continue writing as we need the money. I have been trying to compose directly onto the computer, why is that such a problem for me? I do like to write in bed and seem to think better in bed too, I guess I am just used to doing things that way.

A few days ago when I arrived home with Miss W, Boy 1 had shaved off a stripe of hair from the front of his head, so today I had to even things out. He did need a cut anyway, his hair is thick, coarse and he doesn’t keep it very clean, so this ultra short buzz cut will be perfect for a short while – it grows very quickly. He refused to smile for the picture, but is not as grumpy as he looks about this haircut. I suppose I should do Boy 2 next but don’t feel like it, even though his hair is getting long it sort of curls up at the back very sweetly and has a different texture than Boy 1’s – it is silkier and straighter. So I will let him have hair for a bit longer.