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Beef and Mushroom Lasagne

My very popular beef and mushroom lasagne

It has seemed so oddly quiet today, with Boy 2 at school after his bout of pink eye, Boy 1 at school of course, and Miss W gone on her camping trip at Diamond Tail Ranch. After Boy 2 was on his school bus I threw myself into finishing up my third Christmas story, which has taken me such a long time to finish due to all the complications taking place in the second part of August. I think it’s suffered for this and I’m not sure it will sell. Most of today was devoted to writing actually, after I submitted the Christmas story I began another story (New Years) and took a peek at my novel, which I think I need to continue with for therapeutic reasons because writing confessions is slowly driving me up the wall.

Boy 1 had sadly asked me to cook him lasagne this morning before he went off to school, he asked me why I had never tried the easy recipe I taped to the pantry door several weeks ago. So off I went today to get the ingredients; cream of mushroom soup (blaargh) Prego chunky mushroom Italian sauce, (that was what recipe called for but I bought Ragu as it was cheaper) noodles (I already had lean ground beef), mozzarella cheese. I started cooking at about 3.30 after I had finished up writing.

I thought I would just give this to the boys as I have such an aversion to cream of mushroom soup, it looks so incredibly unappetizingly. Listened to NPR while I boiled the noodles (next time I will get the kind you don’t have to boil), blended the soup and milk and cooked the meat, then added the sauce. It was actually quite enjoyable without all the children in the background, just me and Cloudy and the radio, and to my astonishment, it turned out really well. I had a serving, Boy 2 had second helpings, Boy 1 has had about 5 helpings now. So I think I will be doing this lasagne again in the future. I am absolutely flushed with sucess.

third helpings

Unfortunately Miss W loathes mushrooms, I wonder if I could get another variety of Italian sauce . . .

Boy 2 in wonderful mood this afternoon, how I love the 2 women who bring him home (what a pity they don’t work in the school). The para is very jolly and chatty, the driver is a very tall, skinny, suntanned woman with her hair in braids who loves animals and is really affectionate with Boy 2. They have toys in the bus, including a huge teddy bear strapped into one of the seats.


2009 Dodge Challenger
Rolling Thunder
Rolling Thunder with Packaged Acquaintance
Shoe Box
Ford Sedan
Purple Passion Woodies

Van De Kamp Drag Bus stares on in darkness and jealousy
Above the Van De Kamp Bus's dark, humble abode is a more cheerful setting including TWO new Redlines.
First up, the redline. The Gremlin was one I was looking for for quite a long time, now I just need to find the Open Fire(also an AMC Gremlin).
TA-DAAAH! My hand is included to show the magic
Better view
Last two. The Greyhound Bus and the Ford J-Car
The Ford J-Car was purchased by a dealer who didn't know much about these things. The bottom read '1967' which could've been easily mistaken for '1987'. It was $5.50 but we got a discount, the person called it '1987 SPORTS CAR'.
Greyhound Americruiser. Lara said she'd try to get me on a Scenicruiser some time.

Dreadful August

This month has been dreadful and that’s putting it mildly. Mr W’s father died, both boys have been sick, I’ve had to deal with the police and getting my car registered and put it through an emissions test, and the latest thing has been dealing with two truly horrible school nurses. I know that school nurses are usually nice, I have dealt with them in the past, but I now know that some of them are smug and deeply unpleasant.

There’s no choice about where Boy 2 goes to school, and I’ve been concerned because Kevin, his teacher from last year, has left. He now has a new teacher and she seems very nice, I’m sure she is very nice, but Boy 2 now has a large and very deep scratch across his face that I am sure will leave a scar. Mr W thinks I should be less understanding with the school staff (who are very apologetic about this) and demand that the boy who is hurting Boy 2 stay at home until his aggression issues are sorted out. But my position is more one of feeling bad for this little boys parents, the teacher has told me they feel awful about this. But should I be acting more confrontational? Boy 2 won’t keep band aids on, so I bought some liquid band aid, however this doesn’t help – he is just reminded of his wound, and he then claws off that plasticky coating along with more skin that was in the process of trying to heal.

  I couldn’t wait for everyone to go back to school, now I almost wish they could just stay home. Miss W’s transportation is somewhat easier this year – instead of having to drive her about 30 minutes across town every morning and afternoon I now only have about a 15 minute drive to get her to the SMA school bus. The woman who drives the bus is lovely, caring and chatty and very nice.

A few weeks ago I decided I would try to reapply for disability for Boy 2 so I called Social Security and explained the whole situation. I was told I would have to reapply from scratch, in spite of receiving disability in the past, and they set up a phone interview for me. Today the phone rang at the prearranged time and I was told that I did not have to reapply from scratch, why was I? I told the person I had explained my situation and been told to do it this way, he said cheerfully, oh, some people here don’t know what they’re talking about!   Well, thanks social security, I took an entire morning off work for you and it was entirely unnecessary.

I think I am getting through this rough patch and Boy 2 will be back at school on Monday probably (he has pink eye) and Mr W has been helpful, but I feel like I am the little person in some video game where the ultimate goal is to raise 3 children successfully but all sorts of objects keep popping up and getting in my way – car problems, tummy bugs, money issues, nasty people. Keep reminding myself that there are many, many more nice people out there than nasty ones. . .


Jackrabbit Special
Rear view
Trunk popped
Ice-T, felt good to get this one
rear view
Ice cubes
31 Woodie
Custom Fleetside

Rear view
Ah, the Poison Pinto.
rear view, apologize for the bluriness
The lot. But there is one more..

Lastly but of course not least, we have the Peepin' Bomb. You'll see why it's called that in a short moment
rear view
Keep an eye on the two headlights.
BAM. Did you see that?


Well, I made it. The big 1-4. I’m getting old. I just hope I don’t end up like Kyle/Kennedy. It felt odd; I told a lot of people at school and they said ‘Happy Birthday’ to me, but surprisingly enough, they forgot their presents. Oh well, it probably wasn’t anything compared to my presents.

I recieved a bunch of new Redlines and the Poison Pinto. These were all great finds; I got the popular Ice-T, just to name one. I also recieved a purple Fleetside, a Jackrabbit Special, the Peepin’ Bomb, and a ’31 Woodie. Also got a muscle car field guide.
Shortly afterwards we had Sloppy Joe Squares(one of  my favorites) and then ice cream cake. There wasn’t much, but it was probably one of the greatest cakes I ever had. We’re going to be watching Airplane tonight.

Feels great to be 14. 😀

Wilderness Survival Tip–Yucca

(Miss W)

Yucca is a pretty awesome plant. It lives in dry places in North America like the Southwest.

Its flowers are edible. They can be eaten raw. Also, the stalk can be used in two primitive fire-making methods: The bow and drill, and the hand drill.

In addition to this, the roots can be used to make soap. Just mix with water. They’re also edible.

Also, the leaves are pretty fibrous. So they make good cordage.

This is yucca.
Yucca flowers.

1984 review

While 1984 was full of twists and turns, it was a thrilling good read. It was a decent prediction of what would happen today, and some countries became inspired by George Orwell’s story(Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, China, etc.). The adjective ‘Orwellian’ has become famous as a result of this famous and interesting story. Like I said, this story was full of bizarre twists, but in the end I still got it. I highly recommend it to those who haven’t read it…I see it as sort of a wake-up call.