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The Waggin’ Trail and Cavalia

(Miss W Speaking)

First of all, I want to announce that we are all very sorry that our computer was being stupid (stupid as in shutting down without warning) and had to get taken to a computer place to get fixed. Now it is back. Yayhoo.

Today I went to an awesome event from the Dumb Friends League: The Waggin’ Trail! (Special thanks to my mentor, who took me there and helped me with the doggies!) I took the two naughtiest little dachshunds in the whole wide world. Rudy and Emily. In the car, Rudy was excellent but poor Emily was nervous and making whimpering sounds (half barks.) Then, at the trail, they were scared to death of the other, bigger dogs attending. In addition to this…their collars were missing. Gone. Nowhere to be found. So, we got free bandanas and used those as collars!
The trail was beautiful. There were grasshoppers everywhere (a good survival food, I suppose) and an occasional butterfly. But just ask Rudy and Emily… The doggy ice cream was the best part. It came in little paper containers (same material as one of those disposable, paper coffee cups, you know) and sticking out of the stuff were three dog treats.
Despite the fact that they are the naughtiest dogs on the planet, they were wonderful. They were so well behaved, that maybe they were brain sick. Or a good dog switched souls with them. Who knows. They’re normal now, though. Which is great. I was getting worried.
After they were at home, my mentor and I went to an amazing show called Cavalia. And if you live near me, you may have seen ads for it. It was a show on stage, and everything surrounding it was darkened. There were horses and people. I would say that it was just people running around doing tricks on horses, but it was so much more. You have to see it. That was my Saturday. It was awesome!

The Division of Accountability and Research

Itwas the usual mad dash this morning – I was tired as Boy 2 had a rough night. Went to work, then came home to polish up my new year story (Midnight Magic) and submitted it to True Story, I then made lasagna and went to fetch Miss W. Received some strange mail today – Boy 2’s CSAP results. Three pages, carefully prepared, to let me know that in different areas of reading, writing and math, Boy 2 scores a great big fat zero. For example in ‘understanding informational text’ and making ‘connections to reading passages’ he gets a zero, likewise in ‘displaying and analyzing data’ and ‘organizing his writing to create a draft document.’ However, he gets a 1 (out of a possible 18 points) in identifying, describing and creating patterns to solve problems, and a 2 in applying a variety of measurement skills.

In other words, Boy 2 cannot read or write. I wonder if I am the only parent of a disabled child to receive this astonishingly stupid thing in the mail today. Thankyou, you insensitive, pathetic bureaucratic arseholes at the Division of Accountability and Research. The Chief Accountability and Research Officer has a Ph.D, I’m impressed. Perhaps Aurora Public Schools should scrap the Division of A and R and use the money to employ an occupational therapist, which I think might benefit children like Boy 2 a bit more than tests that show they cannot use calculation strategies to compute problems.

Boy 2 very tired this week after increase in meds, Miss W bogged down with homework, Boy 1 wasting time on Facebook. Friday tomorrow – yes!

Boy 1’s report card . . .

Was really impressive! An A in English, geometry/algebra (that’s a bit baffling as he usually does poorly in maths) and an A in Chinese! I am quite excited, but he’s his usual laid back self about grades. He is also doing a brilliant job of caring for Boy 2 for roughly 30 minutes 4 times a week as there is a conflict  – Miss W’s arrives at Wendy’s on Chambers Road just a few minutes after Boy 2’s bus arrives here. So I have been giving Boy 1 instructions and he is doing a stellar job of looking after his little brother.

At last the bruises on Boy 2’s face are fading and he is calmer. Yesterday we saw Dr H and his dosage of Buspirone was doubled to ease his anxiety, and it works immediately. He hasn’t turned into a zombie or anything – he has just stopped bumping his head constantly on things, what a relief. My concern now is that his school does not even have an occupational therapist, and doesn’t seem to be in any particular hurry to employ one, even though I am quite sure that Boy 2 cannot be the only child in his class who has sensory issues and could really benefit from having an OT around.


Went to El Jebel Hobby Show yesterday. more pics coming soon!

Right. I recently purchased a Chrysler 300C Treasure Hunt(regular) and liked it so much that I thought I’d purchase a duplicate to open. So I did. Now I’m hoping that I can do the same for the ‘Tooned ’69 Camaro I got.

Here they are.
Rear view.
Back card.
Close-up front view of the Chrysler 300C, also known as the poor man's Rolls-Royce/Bentley.

Boy 2

in the tub tonight
leftover cookie dough

These are pictures I took this evening. Boy 2 looked even worse when I got him in the tub, shampooed his hair and scrubbed him, but at least he had calmed down quite a lot. In the first picture you can see his right eye, which has the worst bruising, the big scratch on the side of his face which is starting to heal now is from another student a few weeks ago, the redness behind his ear is self-inflicted. In the second picture you can see the big bruise that popped up on his head today after knocking his head repeatedly on things. He did calm down and was more cheerful after his bath and had a boiled egg for supper and then went happily to bed in his new little tent. I hope next week will be easier on him.

Two Black Eyes

I have been quiet this past week because it has been harder caring for Boy 2 than since before I started taking him regularly to Intercept and Dr H gave him correct combination of meds that kept his OCD and irritability and sleeplessness under control. He is still on the same combination of meds but for some mysterious reason they seem to have stopped working so we have all been plunged back into a world of largely sleepless nights, Boy 2 fussy and crying for most of the day but unable to sleep and constantly banging his browbone against any hard object available – he has two black eyes today. I feel as if I am losing my mind. The soonest appointment we could be fitted in at Intercept was this Tuesday.

I am sending Boy 2 to school throughout this and have informed them of the situation but they’re not happy and the comments in his back and forth book have been very terse this week – ‘upset all day’ ‘not at all happy today.’ Behavioural therapist, Michelle K. coming out tomorrow afternoon thank goodness, not that anyone can really help. Boy 2 will not even keep a crash helmet on to protect head and eyes.

This past week really does seem like a bit of a blur of being tired, driving here and there, cooking rushed meals. I haven’t written, have read a little, stayed home today as Boy 2 is so grouchy and I didn’t want to risk King Soopers. I have stayed home and listened to music, baked cookies, spoken to my mother and tried to stay sane. Tomorrow I will dash to King Soopers, but I think it might be a little too optimistic for me to imagine that Dr H is going to be able to make whatever is ailing Boy 2 just instantly disappear.

What I have done this week is contact Angels of Colorado as I want them to take over caring for Boy 2 while I work, and for whenever I have respite. They seem very promising – a group of female CNAs with a house that is fitted out with toys and designed to be able to meet the needs of disabled youngsters. Boy 2 spent some time at the house this Saturday. I am cautiously optimistic that this might work as To The Rescue were basically just sending over anyone they happened to have available, often people Boy 2 and I had never met. I’m not sure if they didn’t care enough about to send over their quality people, or if they simply didn’t have them.

Boy 1 and Miss W in fairly good spirits but we have all been through it with Boy 2 this week, fingers crossed that this coming week will be better and I’ll be able to get on with some writing, try out something new in the kitchen and finish The Way the Crow Flies . . .

Boy 1 and Miss W in her new T-shirt from Breckenridge

Busy, busy, busy

It has been so hectic these past few days and with the added difficulty of Boy 2 having some behavioral issues crop up again. I thought the head banging period of several weeks ago was well and truly behind us, well he is now boinking his eye, his brow bone, on any hard surface available. It is very distressing, more for me I think – he only cries when I insist he stops. He has a black eye now. I called Michelle K. behavioral therapist today, and think I will have to contact Dr H. tomorrow. This sort of thing usually only happens when he’s changing meds, but everything is the same in that department.

Hmm, I couldn’t post the above link without chopping out a paragraph (and this doesn’t even look like a working link) but I was saying I’d entered a competition with the first chapter of my romance novel, started Christmas shopping, been to Littleton Farm Park, Miss W went to Breckenridge, and already it’s Wednesday tomorrow. The weather is getting colder and I think September is going to whiz by – good! – because I can hardly wait for October!

Miss W home from Diamond Tail

Today was very busy – Boy 2 had an early appointment, then I had work, dashed home to squeeze in a bit of writing before dashing off again to pick up Miss W who returned from her camping trip today. She was very quiet and said she was exhausted, largely due to a fellow camper loudly snoring and rolling around in her sleep. She looks very sun-kissed and hasn’t had a proper bath since Sunday so I have spent the past hour trying to make her have a bath but she just wants to read the new Waggit book by Peter Howe – Waggit Forever.

I made chicken fajitas for supper, what is it with me this week? They were completely delicious and everyone had second helpings! I can’t claim too much credit as I used a bag of frozen fajita veggies which came with spices, I just added this to my cooked chicken and then rolled up in flour tortillas of course. Must definitely do this again.