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Mouse in the House

Boy 1 is with his father tonight, Boy 2 safely in bed and I have been trying to forge ahead with my novel while Miss W reads in her room. Enter Cloudy with a poor little mouse in her clutches and Miss W going “she’s got a mouse, mum!” and holding her off what we thought was a little corpse, only after we had scolded the cat and chucked her out of the house Miss W realized the mouse was breathing as it lay limply in the kitchen. An attempt to pick it up with toilet paper was unsuccessful as it suddenly had a surge of energy and dashed across the dining room. I fetched a shoe box.

Mouse is now huddled in a corner of the dining room as I toss the shoe box to Miss W, who informed me that she could contract the hanta virus from doing this. Box is brought neatly down on top of mouse, lid slid on top. and Miss W put on her shoes, and took it outside where it ran off – seemed to have made a full recovery so must have been just suffering from shock. So much for getting on with my novel, I don’t really care for mice and feel a bit jittery now. Might have some hot chocolate to calm down.


This has been the first year of not buying Halloween costumes since the children were born – the boys don’t care, although Miss W does. Today was costme day at her school and she wore her vampire dress, which is 2 years old and so was a bit shorter but still fit in the body and was quite effective. Unfortunately I didn’t know it was a half day at SMA today so as soon as I walked through the door this afternoon, Boy 1 informed me that I needed to go pick up his sister, she was waiting at Wendy’s, so off I dashed. Arrived back with her and we all took off for King Soopers for pizza, candy and quite a lot of other things as this was my first shop since getting home on Monday. Then as I was unpacking the groceries, Mr W arrived and after some pizza Boy 1 and Miss W got down to some pumpkin carving. I can’t post those pics right now as my technical advisor is gone for the evening, but Boy 1 carved the smaller pumpkin and as usual was not particularly interested in what he was doing, it has a mouth and 2 little eyes and that’s it. Miss W’s is more ambitious, while scooping out the insides her father remarked that some of the pulp resembled pasta, which gave her the idea of using it for hair. So that is what she has done, and the face looks quite feminine – the mouth has lips.

So very little (well, nothing actually!) achieved today in the way of preparing my parcel for England or getting any writing done, and tomorrow is going to be quite full – I’m making Boy 1’s favorite lunch plus a dessert when I get home from work.


Soon the sky was a cluster of warbirds and jagged projectiles.
“Drake, give me some cover!” shouted Jansen, trying to shake an enemy pilot.
“I can’t, I can’t!” responded Drake.
“Why the hell not?”
As if on queue, Drake’s plane sped by Jansen’s in a horrible nosedive followed by a cloud of black deathly smoke. Drake could be heard screaming on the way down, a horrible fade.
“You party-poopers!” shouted Jansen. He whirled around in the plane and found himself behind the enemy. He let loose a barrage of bullets and he soon flew through a cloud of flames and twisted metal.
The large blimp was in sight. “Cover me, guys.” said Jansen. 10 other ERA planes came to his aid. The blimp fired flak and .50 caliber bullets at the planes. “Spread out,” shouted Jansen. “Distract the turrets! I’ll take care of this.”

Captain Mooreson hit the ground, spraining his ankle. He shouted out a swear in pain and soon got up, removing his parachute. He limped across the Bonivian countryside, watching the battle from above. “Don’t let me down, Jansen.” His wrecked plane crashed behind him.

The fuel tank was in clear sight. After destroying all the defenses surrounding the zeppelin’s weak point, it could be done. He tried firing his missiles. They were jammed. Jansen soon flew around and then came in again at the exposed fuel tank. His missiles were still jammed.
He had no other choice. He flew around one last time and flew directly into the fuel tank. A large explosion sent shock waves throughout the sky.
“Where the hell’s Jansen?” asked a pilot.
“He… he did it.” responded another.
“I guess we should return to base now.”

Mooreson watched as the flaming frame of the blimp touched down in front of him, shattering like glass. A large flame burned as a result of the explosion in the treacherous skies above. Mooreson grinned, pumped his fist into the air, and collapsed.


It took many weeks of discipline, but after much patience, bloodshed, and punishment, Flight Wing Beta had gone from a juvenile, childish group of kidders and whippersnappers to a group of hardened fighter pilots.

The rotors spun on the planes. Flight Captain Greg Mooreson put on his headset. “Ok, let’s see what this baby can do.”

The planes took off in a massive formation; at least one hundred. “Our mission is to attack the WRA mothership; it is attacking ERA strongholds and will be a major blow to the WRA forces. Use everything you’ve got; if the worst comes to the worst, use your planes. Target distance: 40 miles. Get ready.”

Soon, a large round, egg-shaped object loomed in the distance.
“Arm your missiles,” said Mooreson.
“Roger, missiles armed. Attack formation, set! Break formation on my command!”

Bright projectiles illuminated the dusk sky. “Break formation! Break formation!” shouted Mooreson, as the planes flew around and battled with enemy planes deployed by the WRA mothership.


Joey looked up from his newspaper and suddenly realized it all. The meaning of life, the answer to the universe, everything. He triumphantly stood up, the pipe falling from his mouth and coffee splattering everywhere.

“Diana, I have an idea.” He marched outside and was immediately gunned down by patrolling soldiers. They walked over to his bleeding, smoking corpse and recovered a parchment. He was a spy for the Eastern Republic army, he had been wanted for espionage against the Western Republic army; he was an engineer who had defected from the WRA. Now they had got him.

The soldiers read the parchment.

Dear ERA officials,

Forget about me. Don’t try to look for me or find me; I have discovered the meaning to all of our great questions. Something far more important than this miserable bloody war. If this is confiscated by troops please disregard; I am working for the ERA now. In fact if this message is being read now, it means I am dead. Or am I? Look behind you. Now.

The soldiers turned around and a WRA Phalanx Battle Suit stood before them, guns trained on the soldiers.
Gunfire echoed throughout the town.


‘If my reconnaissance photos are correct then the WRA troops must be pushing north to our Northern Range Equipment Facilities. We cannot, I repeat cannot,” he added emphasis by clubbing the map with his baton. “lose these factories to the enemy. We must launch a counter offensive that will cripple them for weeks, thus turning the tide of the war.”
“What are you proposing?” asked General Roland to Field Commander Thomas.
Thomas grinned.
“An aerial offensive.”
“That’s insane.” said Weston, standing up. “Our Eastern Air Force has been crippled. There’s a serious airplane shortage. How can we train the pilots? Most of them are dead and new ones never learn and always get shot down.”
“Then we must use discipline. Men, take me to the Schtag Air Base. Now!!!”


Late Wednesdays


Every second and fourth Wednesday in the month is a ‘late Wednesday’ for Miss W, which seems nice in theory but I really don’t like these days. Miss W lies in for a while, but I still tend to get up early for Boy 2, the traffic is worse when we leave because of rush hour, and somehow I always manage to get confused about exactly when we do need to leave. This morning I was sleepy and groggy after a night of not sleeping well, the milk was off so I couldn’t get my caffeine fix (I hate black coffee) and I thought we needed to leave at 8.15, and not 7.15. So I got all flustered, Mr W agreed to help but I had to drive Miss W all the way in to town, then rush back and leave Boy 2 with a To The Rescue person as Angels of Colorado couldn’t help today. My watch is broken, Boy 2 keeps playing in the toilet, and I didn’t even have time to fix a sandwich to take with me to work, and I was late – groan. I felt exhausted and grumpy at work today.

I did manage to write a little last night, but I just couldn’t get warm and comfortable and I have a cough. Tonight I’m going to take a sleep aid, write 500 words and try to stay awake until 9.30. I want to try out some new recipes and might experiment with a chicken pesto pie this weekend, I’ve also been looking through Nigella Express by Nigella Lawson, but the book I couldn’t resist checking out today was Best of the Pillsbury Bake-Off Desserts. I have a sweet tooth and am longing for something like peach-berry cobbler or cherry-nut crescent crisp.

Achieved quite a lot when I arrived home at 1.30 – wrote out bills and got serious about trying to get Boy 2’s disability reinstated. Now I am about to go and pick up Miss W. Potatoes are baking in the oven and we are having these with chicken fingers and baked beans tonight. I wish it was the weekend!

Fast Plants

Miss W speakin’.

Announcement nobody probably wants to hear:
Yesterday in science we planted little seeds. They’re called fast plants and the reason is obvious.
Today we checked on the seeds and a tiny little root had already burst out. In 1 DAY, they had germinated!!!
I probably won’t keep you updated on the seedies’ status but I might so LOL! STAY TUNED!!

Back to Reality

maple tree
beansprout, tomato, feta cheese salad

It is so strange and disconcerting arriving back when you’ve been away. It was pleasant and warm in Iowa but it is cold and very gusty here in Colorado, howling wind that is rattling the windows. I crawled into bed last night and the sheets were freezing cold, so I got up again to fetch a hot water bottle. The boys are home on fall break so that is in itself rather disconcerting, Mr W looked after Boy 2 today but I need to figure something out for him tomorrow still while I am at work. Lots to do at work today. I’m trying to tidy up the house and get back into writing mode because I MUST, MUST get on with my novel, the one Mills and Boon seem to have expressed an interest in, although I have no idea when they’ll contact me or what they’ll say – maybe they’ll just ask to see one more chapter and all this will come to nothing. I did come up with a better title for it but the main thing is to get on with the story. So tonight will probably involve a hot cup of tea, hot water bottle, my notebook and bed while I scribble away.
I don’t want to write that I feel miserable to be back, but it was so nice to be away for a few days and have wonderful company. I have come crashing back to reality with a very hard bump.

Miss W 13 and my weekend

lunch in Des Moines
strolling along
at the market
new camera!!!
birthday girl

Miss W turned 13 on the 20th, it was quite a turbulent day as I suspect the rest of her teen years will be, but we celebrated with a chocolate ice cream cake, pizza and pepsi and she liked her new digital camera. It has been quite a fun month for her with sleepovers and a few social events and luckily we all seem to be over the flu.
I have just returned from a few perfect days in Iowa and now I feel I’ve returned back to the real world with a bump – work tomorrow, and I must get back into the swing of writing and housework. But I really did have a lovely time and will post my pictures gradually – most were taken on a nature ramble behind Mr B’s house. It is fall now of course, so all the flowers and colour from 3 months ago has faded and mellowed into a different sort of beauty – bare, spiky branches, twisted brown leaves, golden and yellow leaves, maple trees that were all aglow.
I arrived in Des Moines on Friday and that evening Mr B and I went to supper at the Hotel Pattee in Perry. It is an old hotel that has been rescued and fixed up, and the dining room is really lovely – all wooden, with pretty chandeliers and reminiscent of a dining carriage in an old train. I ordered the meatloaf, and it was served very attractively and was delicious, covered in this delicious apricot glaze. On Saturday we went into Des Moines for the last day of the farmer’s market, weather was absolutely perfect, stalls selling pumpkins and baked goods, street entertainers singing and juggling. Had lunch at quite a fancy restaurant and then went to the Da Vinci exhibition at the Science Center.
I’ve been doing some reading about Leonardo Da Vinci over the past few weeks to try and fill in the large gaps in my knowledge, and I think the exhibition did a good job of presenting some of Da Vinci’s inventions and sketches and ideas. There were actual constructions of some of the inventions he came up with in his notebooks – a scuba diving outfit, a tank, various flying machines, one particularly vicious looking machine designed to mow down enemies on the battlefield. My favourite room was the one with his anatomical sketches, as I’d been fascinated to learn that LDV actually discovered hardening of the arteries and accurately guessed the cause, Mr B liked the Mona Lisa room, which explained how the colours in the original painting had dulled and browned over the centuries and showed how much more vivid the painting would have looked when it was created. We also learned that 2 splotches of damage on the face were caused when Napoleon had the painting hung in his bathroom!
Watched movies and lazed around the rest of the weekend, it was perfect. I made supper Saturday night, salmon with mashed potato and a salad of beansprouts, tomatoes and feta cheese, Mr B made chicken with penne on Sunday.