Daily Archives: October 4, 2010

Fall Festival

cake walk

It’s been so long since I’ve been anywhere but work and the grocery store I didn’t realize we were still so much in the grip of summer weather, but we are, it was gorgeous today, low 80s, perfect for the Fall Festival at St Mary’s. It has been a quiet weekend as Boy 1 was with his father and Miss W has been on a sleepover and today Boy 2 was with Angels of CO. The plan was that we should meet Miss W at the festival and bring her home.
One of the first things we did after sitting down and grabbing a drink was take part in the cake walk and I was so pleased when Boy 1 actually did win and chose an enormous, luscious chocolate cake! There was lots of other fun to be had and we arrived back home at around 3 with a melted cake to have chicken fajitas for lunch.

numero uno speaking. before i get pelted with demands of ‘where the hell is car of the week and what have you done with her’, let me just take a moment to say that the next hobby show is on october 10th and i am also back into military micro machines. please send me any that you don’t use anymore.