Late Wednesdays


Every second and fourth Wednesday in the month is a ‘late Wednesday’ for Miss W, which seems nice in theory but I really don’t like these days. Miss W lies in for a while, but I still tend to get up early for Boy 2, the traffic is worse when we leave because of rush hour, and somehow I always manage to get confused about exactly when we do need to leave. This morning I was sleepy and groggy after a night of not sleeping well, the milk was off so I couldn’t get my caffeine fix (I hate black coffee) and I thought we needed to leave at 8.15, and not 7.15. So I got all flustered, Mr W agreed to help but I had to drive Miss W all the way in to town, then rush back and leave Boy 2 with a To The Rescue person as Angels of Colorado couldn’t help today. My watch is broken, Boy 2 keeps playing in the toilet, and I didn’t even have time to fix a sandwich to take with me to work, and I was late – groan. I felt exhausted and grumpy at work today.

I did manage to write a little last night, but I just couldn’t get warm and comfortable and I have a cough. Tonight I’m going to take a sleep aid, write 500 words and try to stay awake until 9.30. I want to try out some new recipes and might experiment with a chicken pesto pie this weekend, I’ve also been looking through Nigella Express by Nigella Lawson, but the book I couldn’t resist checking out today was Best of the Pillsbury Bake-Off Desserts. I have a sweet tooth and am longing for something like peach-berry cobbler or cherry-nut crescent crisp.

Achieved quite a lot when I arrived home at 1.30 – wrote out bills and got serious about trying to get Boy 2’s disability reinstated. Now I am about to go and pick up Miss W. Potatoes are baking in the oven and we are having these with chicken fingers and baked beans tonight. I wish it was the weekend!

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