Eat, Pray, Love

Oh God, I’ve cared for Boy 2 Friday/Saturday afternoons after mornings at work, and all day today. I have now hit the booze. I want to go for a long walk and the sun is shining but I can’t face a walk around this trailer park with dogs yapping at me whilst holding onto Boy 2 for dear life. Today he has wanted to pointlessly sit on the toilet for long periods and seize stuff out of the fridge – milk was sloshed all over the floor. I am starting to have the usual dark thoughts about the summer break. So today I have roasted a shoulder of pork for lunch, talked to my mother, guzzled wine and looked through Nigella Bites (ugh, deep fried Mounds bars? How disgusting). I also tried to watch Eat Pray Love and suffered bravely through all the quaint foreign people until the point where JR is slurping up spaghetti in the piazza, beaming all around – what self-indulgent crap. Sorry Lara, I cannot do it.

I feel so confused when the clocks change, I’m not sure quite when to do things, like give Boy 2 his meds and so on. Tonight plan to have very long, hot shower and leap ahead with American Rust.


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