Daily Archives: March 25, 2011

Damage Control

Everyone at work has been speculating that perhaps the sudden change of weather is causing so much ennui and exhaustion, I have no idea what it could be but Boy 2 spent Monday and Tuesday at home with the flu and I have had a horrible backache. On Tuesday I took Boy 2 to Intercept to check in with the new doctor and get meds, what a farce. As previously reported, Dr H has been replaced by an elderly doctor. He is rather sweet and perhaps I am agist but I felt very discouraged as I followed Dr Steve back to his office (all the toys Dr H kept in there are gone now) and I found myself shrieking at Dr Steve, as I was assuming he was hard of hearing as most people in their 70s/80s are. He just squinted at me vaguely and then said said incisively, “I have a question for you.”
I nodded in anticipation.
“Where are you from?”
“London,” I said.
“Ah, London,” Dr Steve smiled nostalgicaly, “I wish I was there now.”
It was at this point that I noticed a trickle of blood coming out of his nose, but he left the room to get copies of Boy 2’s prescriptions and I hoped he’d notice and deal with it, but he returned moments later and announced “oh, I am having a nosebleed!”
I gave him 3 kleenex and told him to tip his head back slightly, and then me and Boy 2 left (with blood smeared prescription) and I was thinking, “why, why, why? Why did Dr H have to leave and be replaced by Dr Steve? Are they going to find someone else? What if Boy 2 has an issue, I will never be able to talk it over with Dr Steve . . . ”

Then today was the meeting. APS had redone their joke of an IEP in an attempt to make it look more serious. The horrible family liaison person stood at the head of a table and made notes – Boy 2’s strengths, issues, goals etc. etc. “Oh, I am so excited about all his strengths!” she gushed, pouring a bag of mini Mars bars over the table. Apparently, Boy 2 is making brilliant progress in his classroom, is smiling and happy each day and everyone is astonished by his efforts.
Yeah, right.
It was so obviously an exercise in damage control and I didn’t believe or buy a single word of it. Every time I have contact with these people I feel angry and as I read the revised IEP I noticed a few things that had been written . . . ‘Boy 2 sleeps a lot and Mom (ugh, I HATE it when people I didn’t give birth to call me mom) reports that this is because of all the meds he’s on.’ Well, you know what – he is on all those meds because your staff took away his schedule, his structure and just for the hell of it changed his classroom all around and he was so anxious he could hardly function or face going to school! And then there was ‘Mom reports he was ‘gouged’ across the face and the scar may be permanent.’ Mom reports???? That happened IN SCHOOL as you well know, no matter how you may try to disassociate yourselves from the incident. I love the way they have put ‘gouged’ in inverted commas too, as if it might be an absurd exaggeration.

Must calm down, I am seething. What a bunch of lying, evil hypocrites.