Being Human

Donna, if you are reading this, thankyou for recommending Being Human. Miss W and I have been glued to our computer last night and for an episode this afternoon. There’s a US version too, somehow we always seem to prefer UK versions. BH is the story of a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf who share a house, sounds completely absurd but is really compelling. We are TV starved here. Even if the TV got decent reception, I’m not sure there is anything I’d care to watch, my idea of a good evening now is a good book in bed with a bowl of popcorn and sometimes a long conversation with Mr B. So it’s nice to find something interesting to watch, although as Miss W pointed out there are some ‘graphic’ scenes.

Boy 2 didn’t want me to stay in bed this morning and I gave up at around 6 and began to make coffee, as I was pouring it out he nestled up in his quilt and fell back asleep. I think he just wanted to know I was up and about. I looked online at the news from England – there were huge protests yesterday against budget cuts in the public sector. Thousands of people marched, and about 200 became violent, it was very odd indeed seeing pictures of protesters taking over Fortnum and Mason’s. I do understand their anger and find it appalling that (as usual) the cuts that will begin to take effect on April 1st will hurt the most vulnerable people in society.

I listened to the radio and made turkey meatballs in tomato sauce, I was slightly worried as I pureed the celery and onion in the blender and mixed this much into the mush of the turkey with an egg and rather a generous amount of thyme. The sauce was bubbling away on the stove and I was sure the meatballs would just disintegrate the moment I dropped them in, as they were soggy blobs rather than balls. However they did hold together, and the whole thing was really aromatic and delicious, and I’ve never cared much for ground turkey. Miss W and Boy 2 had large servings and then I made a bread with lemon, blueberries and almonds. Sadly it flopped in the middle and the fruit and nuts dropped to the bottom of the loaf – but it’s very good. I’ve eaten far too much today, will attempt a walk tomorrow with Boy 2. It’s Spring break.


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