Chili Pancakes

having a good day
the last chili pancake
the snow this morning
Well, today began with a major headache. I’d given Dr S at Intercept paperwork with contact info for Children’s Hospital, so that he can coordinate with them about a mild sedative for Boy 2 next time he visits the dentist. Dr S lost the paperwork, so I gave it to his receptionist today over the phone. Then I received a call from Children’s Hospital asking if I was Matt’s mom. I said no I wasn’t, but I thought there might have been a mistake . . . and there had been. Children’s Hospital then had to fax Dr S so that he could correct his mistake. I am not very impressed with this Dr so far.

Boy 2 did so well in King Soopers today, the sun emerged after a very snowy morning, so I went and gassed up and bought some milk, and basically spent today cleaning up, listening to music and cooking. I made something that used to make a regular appearance in my kitchen when I lived in London . . . chili served in pancakes. Very easy, just a batch of chili (mine could’ve done with a pinch more chili powder) then whip up some pancake batter and make your pancakes and wrap them around the chili. I just melted cheese on top but next time I fix this I will also serve with some sour cream and spring onions. Made some coconut lemon bars for dessert.

Unexpectedly I got a bit teary when I sat down with Boy 2 while the lemon bars were baking. I started thinking of nanny (my grandmother) and wishing she was still alive, then realized that if she was she’d be 94. I suppose what I was really wishing for was for her to be alive and as she was the way I remember her when I lived in England. Time passes so quickly, the baby sister who was 10 when I left is going to be a mother in about 6 weeks, another sister is a grandmother. My mother was the age I am now, and now she is 70. None of these reflections are leading anywhere in particular. I guess I am just trying to come to terms with the past, accept the present and look forward to the future.


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