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Tandoori Chicken

a comfy nest for snoozing
Cloudy, in my chair.
I don’t seem to be organizing my time very well lately and blogging seems like a luxury I don’t have time for. This week raced by, I went to work, finished reading In a Land of Plenty by Tim Pears (a novel I would highly recommend), submitted a short feature to True Love, wrote to sis (pregnancy going OK in spite of her being a little small) and decided to try cooking Tandoori chicken. Boy 2 was a very interested onlooker after I returned home from work yesterday and liquidized garlic, onion and lemon juice in the blender, then added yoghurt and several spices.

I really started feeling dubious at this point as it looked so very unappetizing (baby poop) and I had to skin and slash several chicken drumsticks (shudder). It was with some relief that I shoved the meat in the fridge to marinate overnight. It didn’t look any more appetizing this afternoon when I placed it in the oven and there were 18 drumsticks so when Mr W brought the older kids home I asked him if he wanetd some lunch. He said yes and commented that the house smelled ‘Asian.’ I thought this sounded promising. Then Susan arrived to which Miss W away and said the house smelled wonderful. I explained I had made Tandoori chicken. So my mood was rather boosted, and the chicken emerged from the oven, all golden and fragrant – it was very, very nice. Boy 1 declined (is in a huge strop with me, reasons for which I will not go into here) but Boy 2 absolutely loved this recipe. We listened to the soundtrack from Monsoon Wedding while we ate.

Mr W offered to take me to WalMart and keep an eye on Boy W so I could have a quick look around. And it was very quick – I’d been hoping to find the small, magnetic shelves that stick to the fridge and would be so perfect for holding spices, but no luck. I came away with a set of mini muffin pans and green dishcloths, at which point Boy 2 made a mad dash, caught him and he did quite well going through the checkout but it was a relief to be back. Clouds are rolling in now and snow is forecast for this week. I’ve made it through another week.


The day that wouldn’t end

That is how today has seemed. I made the most of Sunday, as it is my sole day of the week to stay in bed as long as possible, and did some cooking, a chicken garlic soup and some cheese straws. I watched the Oscars for the first time in about 3 years in the evening, was so pleased Colin Firth won! Then Monday rolled around again, officially my day off but in reality the one day I try to cram all sorts of things into. There was a meeting at Arc of Aurora with the advocate there, Mr W attended, along with Laurie and Michelle. There have been so many budget cuts lately in education and more proposed, so I have been telling myself not to be too hopeful about Boy 2’s chances of getting a decent education. However, my hopes rose a notch during the meeting. Laurie and Michelle were so fervent and articulate as they talked about Boy 2, and the advocate was very sympathetic and pointed out all sorts of things the school had done wrong – i.e. during the last meeting they did not even talk about education goals. Michelle is really annoyed that for the few goals they do have in place, there is no method of measuring what Boy 2 is achieving. She stated that the classroom was in chaos most of the time and the staff were overwhelmed and just allowed Boy 2 to be a wild child.

I looked at doors after the meeting. I need 5 new doors for this place, particularly for Miss W’s room, which is just propped in her doorway. Somehow I have to find the time to buy them and get them delivered, Mr W has offered to install. I was disappointed by the price of stoves in Home Depot, that will have to be put off until later in the year.

But today was the most exhausting of all, up at 4 with Boy 2, off with Miss W to Wendy’s, home again, work (there was so much to do I didn’t know where to start), then after work I went to King Soopers and got a bit frustrated looking for ingredients for some Asian cooking I want to try. There’s no ground chicken to be had (I got ground turkey, definitely a last resort) and no Japanese soy sauce, and I was hoping I could find a jar of garam masala. I need that for the tandoori chicken I plan to make this weekend. Came home, unpacked groceries, ate a sandwich, got Boy 2 off bus and was off again to pick up Miss w. Exhaustion suddenly hit me on the way back. I felt so irritable and just wanted to lay down and take a nap. Glugged down 2 cups of strong coffee and gave the children the meatloaf I’d prepared, I was too knackered to have any myself, gave Boy 2 his bath. Then I made lemon poppy seed muffins (coworkers birthday tomorrow)from the recipe in The Joy of Cooking Mr B sent. They took longer than 17 minutes, but came out (after about 25 minutes) looking perfect. Went off to wash my face and sort out clothes for tomorrow and when I emerged Boy 2 had unearthed muffins from their hiding place on top of the fridge! I should have known the top of the fridge would not be a challenge for him. He was completely unfazed by my scream of fury and anguish, to add insult to injury. Luckily, just one muffin was gouged, so I sliced it into quarters and had a sample. Mmmm! They are absolutely wonderful, all buttery and very delicate flavour of lemon. It is going to be hard work keeping away from them until staff breakfast tomorrow. I’ve hidden them on the top shelf of my closet.

Now it’s 7.30 . . . way past my bedtime.