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Dr M

Miss W in recent school production of Tied to the Tracks

Well, Dr M redeemed himself somewhat in my eyes this morning. As seems to be usual recently, there was massive confusion when I arrived and the receptionist claimed I did not have an appointment, but then with a roll of her eyes blamed Dr M. Dr M appeared and said he could make time for us. Then we chatted and he let Boy 2 finish his soda and I had a long moan about Aurora Public Schools and he said “well, my dear, they simply don’t have the money, resources or expertise to educate a young man like Boy 2.” Wish he’d had some sort of solution, he didn’t, but the sympathy was nice.

The attorney

I spoke to an attorney last night and whilst she was very sympathetic regarding the situation with Boy 2 and listened to me rant on, her advice boiled down to ‘forget making an official complaint. This is Colorado, and there will be huge bias in favour of the school.’ Perhaps this is why the staff of Boy 2’s school are so complacent (that is the pleasantest word I can think of for them). I’m sure if he was a typical student they wouldn’t explain that it is a lot to deal with, trying to educate a kid like him, sorry he continues to make zero progress and expect me to just accept that. Perhaps if he was typical they would make out incident reports when he escapes from vehicles and starts running while under their care, and I wouldn’t have to hear the story from paras. I could go on, but I won’t. I could not be more disillusioned than I am right now about education, and what it means to have autism and be poor in this country. Could not sleep at all last night so got up to make hot chocolate and Boy 2 was nestled in his quilt by the washing machine which I had started to deal with the gargantuan load of laundry Miss W returned with from Breckenridge. I was banging around in a grumpy sort of way and looked down at Boy 2’s face and he was grinning up at me and looked so sweet. “What are you smiling about?” I asked nastily, and he laughed (always laughs when I pretend to be angry with him) so I do feel somewhat better now. Will not have to put up with school and the assorted tossers at APS for much longer, well at least not the ones at Jewell Elementary.

Night times have changed a bit for Boy 2 recently. Since he told me in no uncertain terms that he wanted nothing to do with beds several years ago I have just been letting him sleep cuddled in a quilt, sometimes two, but Miss K advised me a few weeks ago to see how he would do on a sleeping pad. I didn’t want to buy a mattress, because he usually wets the bed now, after his med increase. I ordered a 2 inch thick exercise pad from Amazon and made it up with a sheet and pillow and tucked a quilt in around it. Boy 2 looked astonished when he came home from school that day, I would have guessed he’d just dismantle it all and then chuck the pad out of his room (which is what he usually does when I introduce a new object into his bedroom) but he did not, he actually looked quite pleased and has taken very well to sleeping in a more traditional, tucked-in manner!

I’d better get started on my day, it’s off to see the doddery Dr M with Boy 2 this morning. What joy.

Looking After Albert

Life continues stressfully on. April has been quite windy and dreary here; in England everyone is raving on about the fantastic sunshine. Sis now just has 2 weeks to go and has a computer so we’ve been able to stay in touch more regularly. School only has a few more weeks – last day is May 19th, which is very early, but in a way I shall be so relieved. The meetings have been gruelling and I just continue to get more and more unhappy with Boy 2’s situation. Then I pinched a nerve in my back last week and was in excruciating pain for a week so to escape some of the stress and drama of my daily life I have retreated into watching Upstairs Downstairs and Downton Abbey. Downton Abbey is completely absorbing – a lush, UK period drama starring Elizabeth McGovern and Hugh Bonneville (mmm). I am going to be suffering withdrawal symptoms now though as watched the last episode today and it will not be back until the fall.

In further news, Miss W has been away since last week, spending Easter with her friend up in the mountains, but will return tomorrow. I spent the weekend with both boys, as Mr W spent Easter Sunday in hospital with his very painful leg. My most triumphant new recipe of late is pear and ginger muffins and I have made 3 of my short stories available on Kindle, with technical help from Boy 1 – I wrote these stories (one of them is called Looking After Albert) a long time ago and am very fond of them. I am going to be working 4 extra hours a week, starting in May, and I have mixed feelings about that. Of course, some extra $$$ is always welcome but I am groaning at the thought of even less time to myself, even if I do spend that time doing laundry and whipping the vacuum cleaner around. Must develop more efficient methods and find time to write as well. Perhaps could reduce amount of time I need for sleep.


(#1 here…) Since I’ve newly gotten into plastic modeling/airbrushing, I’ve since been fascinated with another animation technique; rotoscoping. Rotoscoping is when something is animated over a live image, such as the B-17 in the Heavy Metal scene above.

Well now you get the idea… there’s other videos on Youtube and it’s quite amazing. What do you think? Should I get into this? Any advice? All is appreciated. I’m hoping to do a dogfight cartoon with some of my model airplanes, and if and when I get around to doing it, I’ll upload it to youtube and post it here!


This is my sister, and she now has less than a month to go! The baby is due May 8th. We’re all very excited and Debra is going to be an excellent mother – she’s got a brilliant sense of humour, lots of common sense, is highly intelligent and a very good cook.

Nothing very exciting this weekend, I went to Target today and bought some swimming trunks for Boy 2 as he’s going to be swimming each Friday from now until the end of term. After a very calm spring break, his behaviour has deteriorated since he went back to school, and I don’t want to just blame school, but he has returned to being really whiny and obsessive. I was annoyed with him today as I tried to defrost a loaf of bread for breakfast tomorrow, he got it down from on top of the fridge and broke into it, it was all strewn over the floor and gnawed. And he had a huge breakfast and lunch today, but he can be so greedy.


Miss W speaking! Today I went to Jean Craighead George’s website (she’s the one who wrote Julie of the Wolves!) and I emailed her. Roughly ONE MINUTE LATER, she replied!!!! 😀 She said this:
“I like the “Wolves Are Back” too ,as it shows how predators keep the environment in balance. They do, wolves. falcons, tigers, grizzly bears, tigers etc.”

In other awesome news, I made an anti-wolf-hater video and posted it on Youtube! Thankfully, there is no footage of wolves being killed by human, but for those who don’t like to see dead elk/deer (with scavengers covering every inch of gore, so no worries) I do not think you should watch. Also if you don’t like watching coyotes get chased and bears and wolves fighting, still watch it but be aware.

#1’s shrimp pizza

hey everyone it’s #1, your favorite person who hasn’t made a post since your aunt’s wedding. and that’s a long time, believe me.
now, onto the pizza. since i like both pizza and shrimp, i wanted to get the best of both worlds with a kicking rad shrimp pizza recipe. we took a pillsbury dough and poured on a mix of tomato and cocktail sauce, then we added toppings and cheese on top. and then we hesitantly cooked it. we were a little worried at first if we would ruin the shrimp because it was purchased pre cooked but it turned out to be superb, and it stayed in the oven for about 15 minutes. it was a loved pizza, and the best pizza i’ve made so far.
because it’s very likely i will make this again, i will be sure to take pictures of it step by step so you can make your own wondrous wingfield pizza.

To Sum Up

Sometimes I wonder if I should simply abandon this blog a) because I am very busy b) unfortunately not with anything particularly interesting. This is the first week back to school after spring break and Boy 1 decided to celebrate at school on Monday by lighting a firecracker in the playground, unfortunately the teachers were not in a similiar celebratory mood and suspended him for 3 days. Boy 2 is going to school but seems slightly under the weather and is finding it all as boring and pointless as ever (as far as I can tell from entries in his back and forth book), Miss W regaling us all with what she is doing in science right now, which is getting a bit difficult for me to understand, it’s about the intricacies of carbon dating. I am trying to fill in a massive amount of forms and get her an appointment for a physical so that she can go camping with the Women’s Wilderness Institute this summer.

I haven’t done much reading after finishing A History of Love by Nicole Krauss but have actually managed a bit of scribbling on my old romance novel after the whole we-like-it-but-we’ll-pass-after-all thing before Christmas. The new Nicci French is keeping me and Miss W company this week on our endless drives, there are daffodils in the yard and I’m trying very hard not to dwell on the fact that I turn 50 next month.