Monthly Archives: October 2011


Fall has arrived since the last time I wrote here, it was heralded by two extremely windy days, then I went to bed last Friday and woke up in the middle of the night feeling so cold I had to fetch an extra quilt. It was snowing the next  morning, and the house felt so frigid. I switched on the furnace, expecting to hear the sudden whoosh and that comforting dusty smell, but nothing. Something was wrong with the furnace. So on Saturday afternoon I called in a repair man, he arrived at 9.30 pm and showed me how the batteries in the hermostat had eroded. Now the furnace is in working order, we don’t really need it because the weather has warmed up again. Fall is definitely on the way though.

I’ve spent a lot of time lately just filling in forms and dealing with medical things, I’m quite well though, am on a waiting list to get treated for the hyperthyroidism. I have to have my mammogram repeated. So was feeling rather sorry for myself last week and it was with perfect timing my brother called and we had a lengthy chat, then out of the blue I sold a story I had written 18 months ago and completely forgotten about! What with all the upheaval at Dorchester Media, I think the story had just been left lying around. Three of the True magazines are gone now, True Confessions and True Story remain. Even though the stories I wrote were just simple, formulaic romances, I had forgotten how good it feels to sell a story. I don’t intend jumping back into it but I do want to finish the story I started about a year ago and submit and then hopefully dig my way out of the awful slump I am in where writing is concerned, I get ideas and I still love writing, but somehow the laundry/cooking/driving/job/housework all seem to get in the way.

Boy 2 made me smile yesterday. I’d made his ‘bed’ (he’s still sleeping on an exercise mat) with a red sheet and his Spongebob quilt. His usual plaid sheet was in the dryer. When he got home from school he went into his room and started crying, I ahd to tell his therapist (who was visiting at the time) I wasn’t sure what the problem was. I could see he’d stripped his bed but that doesn’t usually upset him. After Miss K left I went to investigate further (he’d stopped crying by now) and saw that the red sheet had been stuffed back into the linen closet, so I put it back on. He pulled it off and started really fussing. I then put the plaid sheet, dry by this time, on his bed and he was fine, I have no idea what he has  against the red sheet!  

Lara at the Occupy Wall Street protest in Portland