Monthly Archives: February 2013

I have neglected this blog due to a severe lack of anything to say! I don’t attend writing conferences or have any pictures of myself with famous writers. I don’t have a gorgeous little office with mountain views where I tap out my stories as my dogs snooze at my feet. The truth is, days and days go by where I don’t even write due to my job, raising three teenagers and feeling completely blah by the end of each day.

I do realize that I’m not the only writer suffering a chronic lack of glamour in her life. I have wanted to set pen to paper and be a writer since I was about six, but grew up reading instead, convinced that someone as ordinary as me just didn’t have it in them to be a writer. Sporadic attempts to write a novel invariably ended in grief. Then I married and found myself with three young children. During those long and lonely nights and days I began trying to write short stories and even posted a few online after discovering such things as forums and groups for writers. And one day I sent off a story called Martha Makes Breakfast to a now defunct online magazine called Espresso Fiction – and sold it! For thirty whole dollars! After that there was no stopping me and I made more sales, won a few competitions, received a generous share of rejections.

And now, somehow, a decade has passed. The children who played in the bathtub while I watched them and scribbled confession stories longhand sitting on the toilet are teenagers. Life has changed. What hasn’t changed is that I still gain an enormous amount of satisfaction and happiness from writing, even if I can only manage 100-300 words a day rather than 1000-2000. I no longer write sitting on the toilet but at the dining room table or on my bed, on my very own computer.

And I guess I do have a little news, after all – An Accidental Kiss is due for release on May 15th. I loved writing this story and hope that readers will also find a soft spot in their hearts for Marcy, Frank, Justine, Kath and Herb.  Meanwhile, if you share a similiar, glamorous lifestyle to my own or can write whilst sitting on the toilet or cleaning up cat sick I would love to hear from you!