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One of those Nights

One of those Nights

It’s been one of those nights when sleep eludes Boy 2. We have been up now since 2, have taken care of laundry and made bread while the possibility of sleep before having to face the day rapidly fades. So I thought it would be a good time to catch up with this blog, as lately I’ve been concentrating mainly on my writing blog. It’s been a difficult time with the boys and I found a real relief in my writing, it was as if I had somewhere to get away to. Yesterday I completed something I’ve been working on for a while and submitted it. I’m now working on a short novel set during the post WW11 era whilst trying to promote Paris Rose, which I am absolutely hopeless at!
A few hopes I had for this year have fallen flat but at least we seem to be finally making it through a long cold winter. Mum had her surgery this Tuesday and is doing well, what a relief, and Miss W is thrilled to have a volunteer position at the Denver Dumb Friends League – she has been assigned to Dog Enrichment so is in heaven. I will post a picture of her in her green DDFL T-shirt when I can persuade her to pose, she is also very excited that she’ll have a name tag identifying her as a staff member.
March has been a big improvement on January and February!